VPSG is the nation’s largest network of independent veterinary practice brokers.

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Services Offered

Practice Valuation

Our comprehensive experience in working with sellers, buyers, and lenders gives us the base knowledge to understand a practice’s value in today’s marketplace, and to assess practice strengths and weaknesses. We combine this experience with industry standard quantitative techniques to determine practice value. VPSG members use the appraisal method that best fits the owner’s desire and goals from the sale.


VPSG member use a wide array of marketing and advertising approaches to give your practice the highest visibility to prospective buyers. Direct mail, national advertising in professional journals, high-tech Internet advertising, and direct contact with our proprietary database of active buyers are just some of the techniques used. But, advertising is just the start. Our experience and knowledge enables to know what to say and when to say it. We can tailor advertising and marketing to meet your special needs


Respect for your confidentiality is a hallmark of VPSG. We know that most buyers and sellers are concerned about protecting their privacy. We use a discreet approach of advertising, screening prospective buyers, and showings that keeps you and your staff from unnecessary and potentially embarrassing interruptions.


VPSG member brokers are seasoned professionals. We can demonstrate the advantages for buyers and sellers in seller financing, financing packages from numerous lenders specializing the veterinary practice sales and acquisition arena, or working with a buyer’s own source of funding. VPSG member brokers have established long term relationships with lenders specializing in veterinary practice (and associated real estate) financing. We specialize in structuring low or no-money-down loans for buyers, while simultaneously letting the seller be cashed out!


VPSG services fees are balanced and competitive. Fees are either performance based or fee per service. Contact the member broker in your area for details.

Paperwork, and More Paperwork!

Nowadays, any complex transaction entails navigating a bewildering maze of paperwork. VPSG member brokers guide you through the entire process. Contracts, non disclosure agreements, letters of intent, business plans, loan applications, IRS and State-required disclosures and forms, listing agreements, valuation reports all can be a frustrating and expensive tangle to negotiate. Let one of our member brokers simplify the process for you while working in conjunction with your attorney and your accountant.